Yeezy Season 3 Boots Sizing: Are Your Yeezys the Right Fit?

Yeezy Season 3 boots sizing is expressed in European sizes, so you’ll need to convert from your United States size to get the right fit. These boots are generally considered true to size, but if you’re between sizes, go for the bigger one.

If you’ve ever tried to get your hands on a new Yeezy military boot, you’ll know it’s not an easy task. They usually sell out before you have the chance to find your size, and you might even find cheap copies sold as real Yeezys.

The prices can even go up on older Yeezy military boot models, but sometimes you’ll find a good price in your size. How can you be sure about the fit? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Yeezy Season 3 boots sizing.

These are some of the things we’ll cover in this guide to Yeezy Season 3 boots sizing:

  • Why choose Yeezy Season 3 military boots?
  • How to get Yeezy Season 3 military boots.
  • Yeezy Season 3 military boots size chart.
  • Fitting your Yeezy Season 3 military boots.
  • Do Yeezy boots run big or small?
  • Are Yeezy desert boots true to size?

Yeezy Season 3 Boots Sizing

Why Choose Yeezy Season 3 Military Boots?

Yeezys, both the sneaker and military boot models, are known for being stylish, comfortable and quite durable. After the initial craze of every launch, you can still find these models online, either used or new. Sometimes this means you’ll get a reasonable price; in other situations, the prices can double or triple from the original.

One of the Yeezy fanatics’ favorites over the years has been the Yeezy Season 3 military boots, launched in 2016. Let’s go through the specifics of the model.

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Yeezy Season 3 military boots are made of calfskin leather and polyamide fabric, or nylon, patches. They also have a soft calfskin lining, which makes them breathable but warm.


This model comes in three colors—Onyx, Burnt Sienna and Rock. The Onyx is very close to black, whereas Rock includes different tones of beige. Burnt Sienna on the Yeezy Season 3 military boots alternates tan fabric patches with an orange suede.

Wide Fit

The Yeezy Season 3 military boots have a round toe box that looks big and chunky but is quite sleek when you put them on. Overall, it has a wider fit than many other Yeezy mens shoes, so you’ll be able to fit in a thick sock for the winter.

Overall Feel

The tongue is attached to the rest of the boot with an elastic, which hugs your ankle and keeps the boot from moving around for a better fit. Yeezy Season 3 military boots also have a pull-up tab to make it easier to put on the boots if they’re slightly tight.

Overall, the boot has some cushioning, but not too much. The Season 3 military boot has more room for movement than other Yeezy models, but the high-top design helps keep it in place.


Other Yeezys, like the Season 4 combat boot, had a lot of contouring along the sides of the sole, as well as the bottom. Yeezy Season 3 military boots, on the other hand, have a simple sole pattern, on the sides and the bottom.

The bottom of the sole does have a nice grip, but the newer models are a bit more advanced and even streamlined.

Weather Alert

Yeezy Season 3 military boots have a rugged design made for lower temperatures, but they’re not meant to handle a serious, snowy winter. They’re not for places with massive amounts of snow, and the suede will likely get ruined in contact with sleet or rain on a daily basis.


If you buy them as new, your Yeezy Season 3 military boots should arrive in a box with individual dust bags for both shoes. They should also arrive protected between two layers of foam to keep them free of scuffs in transportation.

Yeezy Season 3 Military Boots Size Chart

The Yeezy Season 3 military boots come in EU sizes. As an example, for a United States size 12, Yeezy size would be 45. Depending on where you get them, you might already see them offered in United States sizes.

Most users consider the Yeezy Season 3 military boots true to size, but in general, Yeezys are about half a size smaller than true to size.

Unlike other Adidas shoes, Yeezys only come in full sizes, so if you’re between two options for the Season 3 boot, we recommend going up.

The best thing you can do is grab another pair of Adidas sneakers and compare it to the size chart. You can also use a pair of Nikes as a model, but remember that Nike tends to run smaller than Adidas.

United States Size UK size Yeezy Size (EU size)
7 6 40
8 7 41
9 8 42
10 9 43
11 10 44
12 11 45
13 12 46
14 13 47

Fitting Your Yeezy Season 3 Military Boots

Even if it’s hard to get these boots, you’ll still need to make sure they’re the right size to wear them. Here are some tips for trying on your new Yeezy Season 3 military boots.

Before You Put on the Yeezys

Make sure you try on your new pair of boots later in the day, when your feet are a bit swollen. This will prevent you from buying shoes that are too small.

First, take the insole out of your Yeezy Season 3 military boots, place it on the ground and step on it. If the sole is shorter or narrower than your foot, the Yeezys are too small.

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First Impressions

Put on the shoe and pay attention to how you’re feeling at the toes. Do they pinch or are your toes crammed at the top? Does the shoe feel too tight at the bridge, right behind the toes? The upper of a new pair of Yeezy Season 3 military boots can feel snug, but not painfully tight.

Toe Fit

Sitting down, check where your biggest toe ends. There should be a bit of room, about a finger width of space between the end of the shoe and your toe. This extra bit of wiggle room will be important when you start walking around in the shoe.

Heel Fit

Lace-up the shoe. Your heel should fit snugly but comfortably, and it should feel supported. You should also be able to just barely slide one finger inside the shoe, behind your heel.

Get up and walk around a bit in your home. Your Yeezy Season 3 military boots may have a bit of movement when you’re walking, but in general, they should stay in place.

If It’s Not Right, It’s Not Worth It

We know it can be heartbreaking to part ways with a pair of hard-to-get shoes like Yeezy Season 3 military boots because they’re not the right size. Remember that wearing shoes that are too small can cause you problems and deformities in your feet.

It’s not worth it to wear a pair of Yeezys that are too small, no matter how difficult it was to get them. If returning them is not an option, you can keep them as a collector’s item or resell them—there’s always someone willing to buy a pair of Yeezys.

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Do Yeezy Boots Run Big or Small?

Yeezy boots tend to run closer to true size than other Yeezys. While Yeezys typically have quite a snug fit, the boots have a bigger, wider design. Many users consider them to be true to size, but remember that you’ll also likely use a thicker sock with boots than sneakers.

Do You Size up or Down for Yeezys?

All Yeezys are a bit different in size. Depending on the overall design, the insole and the lining, the fit can vary even if the outsole seems the same length. Still, when in doubt, size up rather than down.

Are Yeezy Desert Boot True To Size?

The Yeezy desert boots are not true to size but rather quite snug, especially around the ankle. These boots have the same military look and comfortable design as the Yeezy Season 3 military boots, but they are much smaller. We recommend you go up between half a size and one full size for these boots.

How Do Yeezy Crepe Boots Fit?

The Yeezy Season 2 crepe boots fit about half a size to one full size smaller than true to size. We recommend sizing up if you get your hands on a pair. Yeezy boots crepe are only made in full EU sizes, so if you’re between two sizes, you can comfortably opt for the bigger one.

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The Takeaway

Yeezy Season 3 boots sizing comes in EU size, but depending on where you get them, they might already be converted into United States sizes.

Like most shoes, Yeezy Season 3 military boots may also vary depending on the year and model. This means you can’t count on your old size to fit you in every new pair of kicks.

If you manage to get your hands on the right size of Yeezy Season 3 military boots, you can rest assured they’re very comfortable. The rubber soles are thick, and the calfskin interiors are soft and breathable. Overall, they’re not only a coveted fashion item but a great shoe to boot.


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