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Shoes and Boots

Casual, salsa dancing, exercise, hiking, sandals? Search our collection of guides and product reviews here. We talk about the top footwear on the market, but most importantly, which ones would suit you the best.

Shoe Sizing and Fitting

Amending shoes that are too big, explanations of complex shoe terminology, specific brand sizing—get your resources here. Fitting and sizing is our specialty—you can search through all our tips and read expert advice helping you when it’s time to shop.

Shoe Care and Tips

Are you an artist looking to vamp up your kicks, or do you want advice on keeping your hiking boots in good shape? Here you can search for all your top sources on how to care for boots and shoes.

Welcome To Boot Mood Foot

Welcome, fellow boots and shoes fanatics.

Here at BootMoodFoot, we’re all about taking you and your feet to the next level

Whether you’re searching for tips on how to shop for the perfect pair of boots or you want suggestions on style, we’ve got you. 

We are dedicated to providing our readers with the most up-to-date information to help them wear better shoes!

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About Boot Mood Foot

Your Dedicated Footwear Specialists

In the time before online shopping, anyone who wanted to buy a pair of shoes would need to visit a store.

There, a dedicated shoe salesman would advise you not only on the best brand and model depending on what your reasoning for purchasing shoes was, but, they’d also help ensure they were the perfect fit. They would also give you all the knowledge you needed to take care of your new footwear, to help them last for years to come. 

With that in mind, Boot Mood Foot was developed to that much needed practical advice to help consumers make smart choices when buying footwear. But also, to bring together a community of boot and shoe lovers.

Based on years of experience and passion, our site came to life as a way of sharing first-hand tips for men and women. Sizing and care are just two of the many subjects we talk about. You can read more

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steve thompson boot mood foot

Hey There, I'm Steve

My name is Steve Thompson and I’m the guy behind Boot Mood Foot. 

I’ve worked with shoes since I was a teenager (yes, that’s a seriously long time). I come from an old-school shoe sales background and helping customers pick out the best footwear is something that I’ve had ingrained in me for a long time. 

As the years progressed and things moved more from the store to online, I realized there was a real lack in customer guidance. 

It’s super important to get professional advice, especially when it comes to shoe care and fitting, so I thought hey, why not get online and help people out. That’s where Boot Mood Foot began.

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I absolutely LOVE this website. There is so much great information. It is my go-to source for everything shoes that is for sure!

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