Best Golf Shoes: What to Wear on the Course in 2023

Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned professional, the best golf shoes are a must-have. Unfortunately, choosing the best golf shoes can be incredibly frustrating.

These days, the market is flooded with brands and models with new ones coming out all the time. So how are you supposed to pick out the ideal pair for you among the crowd?

We’ve put in the time to do the research, and before we take you through the type of shoe to get, these are the real best golf shoes in 2020:

What Do I Need in a Golf Shoe?

The best golfers’ shoes are highly variable. But there are a few things that are vital in any shoes you wear on the golf course, whether they‘re golfing shoes or a substitute.


Golf is one of those sports where your feet will move a lot, so the best golf shoes will be flexible and stable. It’s a tricky combination to find, but most golf shoes have it mastered.

Since many golf courses undulate, the best golf shoes are designed to keep your feet stable while allowing the flexibility for correct form in these awkward spots.

As well as flexibility for golf, you also need it for walking. A flexible toe area is ideal for a healthy stride.


Footwork is a vital part of golf, which many don’t realize. Unstable shoes can damage your form and follow-through, but the best golf shoe keeps your heel in place and doesn’t let your ankle roll easily.

Take a look at your feet when you swing a golf club. Your feet move a lot more than you might think. If your foot slides around in the shoe or the shoe bends too easily, you have a problem.

For fast, powerful swingers, stability is ideal for those swift movements that let your feet move with less control. You want them firmly planted on the ground for appropriate form when golfing.

When you swing, your trail foot’s movement can easily cause an ankle injury if the shoes don’t have enough lateral front and back support.

Your non-turning foot also leans slightly when playing golf. A shoe that’s too soft and flexible can cause your foot to shift too far in the shoe, especially when speed is involved.


Golf shoes that don’t help you keep your balance can cause an injury and affect the power you drive through your swing.

One of the reasons it’s vital you get real golf shoes as soon as possible is the base. The sole is broad and thick to keep you as balanced as possible as you swing.

Any athletic shoe should give you some sense of balance, but none so much as the golf shoe. Other sports require so much fast footwork that their shoes are made to be light and easy to bounce around in. Think of that when you ask what shoes you can wear instead of golf shoes.


Golf shoes that aren’t waterproof can easily lead to laden and wet feet, causing friction and blisters. The best golf shoes leave nothing to chance.

Find a golfing shoe that’s watertight, so any moisture from weather and wet grass can’t get in. The waterproof shoes should also be breathable, so your feet don’t create their own moisture.

However, if you have to sacrifice breathability for a waterproof shoe, go for the latter. You can always clean and air shoes that have been sweated in and made odorous. But soggy socks are a major distraction anywhere, including on the golf course.


The counter to gold being an all-weather sport is the grass exposed to the elements at all times.

Wet grass, especially, is a death trap and can severely impact traction. Those feet need to be firmly planted into the grass without slippage.

Examine the soles to make sure they aren’t smooth—they should have a busy tread pattern with lots of grooves, lumps and bumps. Such a shoe style will keep you safe and on solid ground, even walking uphill on saturated greens.

Should I Get Spiked Golf Shoes?

The battle between spiked and spikeless golf shoes is on!

Spiked Golf Shoe Benefits

The main benefit of spiked golf shoes is adding extra traction and stability when walking. The spikes sink into the ground, making it easier to walk uphill and keep your feet planted during your swing.

Spiked golf shoes come into their own when it’s wet, providing extra traction and stability, preventing injury and enabling maximum swing efficiency.

One great thing about modern spikes is that they don’t damage the course, either. This is something early iterations of spikes didn’t share.

Spikeless Golf Shoe Benefits

Although spiked shoes don’t damage the ground so much, they can leave a mark. This leads to the ground needing more maintenance.

There are also benefits of spikeless golf shoes to the golfer, though. One is that they distribute your weight across a flatter, more even shoe surface. This can eliminate any pain later in the day.

Spikeless golf shoes also make your shoes more flexible, which is better for walking. A standard 18-hole golf course can be miles long, so if you go without a golf cart, you’ll need that comfortable flexibility.

Lastly, many courses ask you to wear spikeless golf shoes, unless you’re a pro/elite player that they know. So, spikeless golf shoes may be the best option for new players—especially because they’re a chapter investment.

Best Golf Shoes,What to wear on the course

What Are the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes?

The most comfortable golf shoes will provide support and cushioning in the following areas:

  • Midsole.
  • Upper.
  • Outsole.


A cushioned midsole is ideal in the best golf shoes because of all the standing and walking.

Almost any type of thick, supportive foam is excellent for padding and comfort because it won’t gradually flatten to the shape of your foot. When this happens, the shoes can become hard, and the padding, useless.

The padding should run throughout the entire midsole, including the collar and tongue.


Hard uppers that don’t move are the opposite of comfort in the best golf shoes. Something flexible above the toes is vital for all the walking.

Your golf shoes will most likely have a leather upper. But today, even tough leather is softened, pliable and ready to wear with ease from the get-go.

There are also mesh golf shoes available, which will be far more breathable than leather while remaining waterproof. The mesh is also lightweight, so it’s flexible and comfortable.

Synthetic golf shoes are often crafted using leather too, which will be soft enough to bend where you need it. The best golf shoes often use synthetic materials to bring down the cost of manufacturing.


The outsoles are what make up the stability and flexibility.

It’s easy to make uncomfortable, stable shoes. But modern technology and manufacturers ensure that even the sturdiest shoes have enough give on the inside to stay feeling great.

The outsoles should also be designed to be pliable wherever your foot moves while keeping you substantially protected from mishaps during power-driven swings.

They should be able to achieve this despite having a thick sole. The thick sole works to provide extra stability and act as a large buffer between you and the hard ground.

What Is the Most Comfortable Golf Shoe on the Market?

The most comfortable golf shoe on the market is the Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe. It’s a light and well-added pair and has a high-quality, comfortable sole for walking and golfing.

What Are the Most Comfortable Men’s Golf Shoes?

The most comfortable men’s golf shoes are the Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe. They feature a high quantity of quality padding to keep your feet snug and


golf player

What Style of Golf Shoe Should I Wear?

Today, all the big brands are making every shoe for every sport. They lean more towards the athletic side of the best golf shoes, but that’s not your only option.

Traditional Golf Shoes

Traditional, classic golf shoes are hard to find, apart from in specialized stores. However, some big brands make shoes resembling the classics or hybrid athletic/traditional footwear.

We’re reviewing one pair of the traditional persuasion, the adidas Men’s Tour360 Xt Golf Shoe. It has the classic look and utilizes features of the traditional golf shoe.

Classic, traditional shoes for golf are usually made from a hard, shiny leather. That makes them robust, making these golf shoes the best for longevity.

The leather used doesn’t impose or collapse on your foot, giving you plenty of room to wiggle your toes. So, these shoes are typically comfortable.

Because of the leather, they’re also waterproof, but they do that part too well. They lack breathability, so they might become odorous quickly.

Athletic Golf Shoes

Most athletic shoes have some kind of breathability, often mesh. In fact, athletic golf shoes strongly resemble run-of-the-mill running and gym shoes.

It’s easy to be paranoid when a brand simply puts the word “golf” in the model’s name to trick unwitting golfers into an unwise purchase. However, the best athletic golf shoes share all the features you need in a golf shoe.

But on top of this, your feet can breathe, and the shoes are light and flexible. They’re sturdy where they need to be, too, which is vital in the best golf shoes.

Athletic shoes might be leather, they might be mesh, or they could be synthetic. Regardless of the material, they’re designed and crafted with top performance in mind. To deliver less would damage the brand name. Most materials will also be waterproof—made for all weathers and surfaces.

man play golf

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Golf Shoes in 2020



steves top choice badge

This pair of athletic golf shoes seems to have it all, making it as a serious contender as the best pair of golf shoes. It has a large volume of adidas’ latest shoe-tech to ensure they’re the best they can be, including:

  • Adiwear.
  • Traxion.
  • Thintech cleat.
  • Adituff.
  • Thintech.

This translates to it being durable, lightweight and with excellent grip. The microfiber leather and mesh is what makes them light as well as breathable, while also ensuring comfort.

A soft, EVA insole also adds to the comfort. The padding extends beyond the insole around the sides, tongue and heel of the shoe, too. There are no harsh or unpleasant parts of the shoe resting against your foot because of this.

Everything about the shoes is soft while being stable. The soft, spike-like pattern on the bottom of these spikeless golf shoes is thin but functional.

Despite the spike-like pattern, the soles are very thin, so you’re close to the ground. This adds extra stability, so you’re not balancing on a thick, tough sole. It also adds flexibility because thicker soles can be the least malleable part of shoes.

And despite lacking a thick sole to separate you from the hard ground, the cushioning is enough to keep you protected and support your feet.

One thing they don’t lack is variety. Each size comes in the following colors:

  • Iron metallic/white.
  • White.
  • Black.
  • White/royal.

These comfortable, functional, flexible shoes are available in sizes 7–15 with half size increments up to 12.5. All sizes have a wide option.



  • Lightweight.
  • Ultra-padded.
  • Not spiked, but with the stability of spiked shoes.
  • Flexible while remaining stable.
  • Arch support could be better, according to customers.
  • Even the wide sizes feel narrow.

Sketchers has placed in the top ten sporting footwear brands in the US, meaning you’re getting a high-quality pair of golf shoes.

Its Go Golf Birdie shoes warrant that high-ranking placement—they’re an athletic pair of golf shoes with a mesh upper and a synthetic sole. The sole has been manufactured to provide an excellent grip, which is perfect for slippery conditions.

This grip is aided by the soft, protruding bumps on the bottom. They’re not quite spikes but work similarly—gentle enough not to damage the course without compromising on grip.

We like how the sole is thick and is most likely the heaviest part of the shoe. Being heavier lets it anchor you down, creating stability. It also features a rocker bottom, meaning the sole is thicker at the heel than at the toes, which reduces the effort of walking.

Another part of the shoe that won’t fail is the upper. Despite being mesh, it’s waterproof and sturdy. Also, being mesh makes it light, breathable, comfortable and thin, so the cushioning can take up more room.

The padding runs through the entire inside, not just on the footbed. This assures you that you’ll be cushioned through all 18 holes, no matter which way your foot bends and flexes.

Despite this obvious stability from the hard upper and thick sole, the flexibility remains. The shoes are hard in the heel but bendy in the toes.

Your color options are flexible, too:

  • Gray/blue.
  • Black/white (four variations).
  • Charcoal/blue.
  • Black.
  • Natural/coral.
  • Pink/navy.
  • Black/hot pink.
  • Natural/pink.
  • Gray.
  • Navy/mint.
  • Navy/pink.
  • White/multi-tropic.

The sizes options are equally varied, running from a 5.5 to an 11, in half-size increments up to 9.5, while there are wide options for sizes 5.5 and 6.



  • Highly breathable mesh uppers.
  • Soles optimized for incredible traction.
  • Rocker bottom.
  • Padding around the heel and ankle.
  • Arch support could be better.
  • Users found the toe area to be narrow.


For men who want a sturdy Sketchers shoe, this option is worthy of your attention. Depending on what color you choose, they come with or without a mesh upper over the toes, but each option has mesh on the sides. The mesh offers more breathability, but the non-mesh isn’t overly restrictive, either.

Despite its absorbent-looking soft nature, the shoes are water-resistant, making it a great choice for golfing in all weather.

Something else that makes the shoes suitable for wet grass is the spike-like sole. Not only will the rubber be grippy, but the contoured parts will help you find your balance on flat or sloped land, wet or dry.

These spike-like nubs used are unique in that they’re round with two pointed areas on each. The shape of them should aid traction further, as each one covers more ground than traditional spikes.

As well as nubs covering the entire sole, there’s cushioning covering the full interior. The insole specifically delivers high-rebound cushioning, which can give you some spring in your step and absorb shock when you walk.

Part of the outside is also cushioned, around the back of the heel, once again keeping you safe from irritation. In some of the color options, the mesh and cushioning are different colors to the main shoe, showing you best where the breathability and comfort lies.

These shoes come in a variety of black, white and gray shades in sizes 7.5–13. The size increases in half size increments with wide options for each.



  • Shock absorption.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great traction.
  • Soft upper.
  • Other best golf shoes are more durable.
  • Can be narrow, according to customers.


This adidas pair is a simple option for athletic golf shoes, with only a handful of white, gray and black color options. However, the rest of its features aren’t so restrictive.

In particular, it features an entirely synthetic exterior, upper and sole. The upper is microfiber leather, with some light, cloth-like textile covering the sides. The cloth extends up around the collar, making this part of the shoe comfortable and less likely to rub you uncomfortably.

Adidas’ blend of synthetic and leather isn’t wholly waterproof, though, but the soles are designed so you won’t slip on soggy grass. This is mainly due to them being spiked, but they remain soft enough to leave the ground undamaged.

Even with the spikes, they’re very thin in the front to keep you close to the ground. This adds a sense of stability as you can feel the surface you’re walking on.

On the other hand, the heels of the shoes are much thicker. If you think this will be an issue, don’t worry. The chunky heel is hard and not as flexible as the toe area—but it’s not enough to be restrictive.

Also, the entire back of the shoe is created for stability while staying comfortable. The tough exterior around the back won’t be hard on your feet, either, thanks to the cushioning.

On top of this, the collar and tongue are padded, and the lightweight Cloudfoam cushioning coats the entire midsole.

Note that these shoes are available in sizes 5–11 and are sold in half-size increments up to 9.5.



  • Casual colors for the conservative golfer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy sole.
  • Great traction.
  • Too narrow for some wearers.
  • Not waterproof.


If you’re a fan of the classic look, the adidas’ men’s Tour360 Xt golf shoes are your best option right now. They’re made by a company renowned for modern athleticwear, but mimicking the classic style in every color option.

The current colors on offer are:

  • Core black/silver metallic.
  • White.
  • White/navy/silver metallic.
  • White/core black/scarlet.
  • White/navy/dark silver/metallic.

As well as the look, another traditional aspect of the shoes is the spikes. The entire synthetic sole is strategically crafted with spikes and lugs to give you the best grip possible on grass—slippery or dry.

The leather uppers are also completely waterproof, further protecting you from the damp. But, this tight seal of protection has a downside—they feature no air holes or mesh, so overheating is a distinct possibility.

This means you’ll need to air them out more and clean them more regularly. If you want some help with shoe care tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

One of the main parts of airing these out will involve using a wooden shoe tree to store them after a game. If you don’t, you’ll find the shoes decrease in quality quickly. This is a shame as the interior is top-notch.

The entire inside, including the tongue and collar, is padded for your comfort. It’s not just about comfort, though; the soft stretch padding protects and supports your feet. This combines well with the seam-sealed Climaproof outsole, which protects your feet further, ensuring your feet are supported from all directions.

These premium, classic golf shoes come in sizes 7–15 and half increments up to 13. Each size has a wide option available, too.



  • Traditional look.
  • Very stable.
  • Protective.
  • Wide sole.
  • Breathability could be better.
  • Narrow toe box.


Sketchers’ Eagle women’s golf shoes are a simple pair of synthetic kicks that can help you on the course. They’re waterproof with protruding, round grips that can keep you dry and steady, regardless of the conditions.

The shoes feature a hard protective upper, with a textile tongue for breathability. So, despite being an enclosed shoe with no air holes, your feet will be kept dry.

Both the textile tongue and collar are padded for your comfort. The padding continues throughout the entire midsole and is made of foam. It’s lightweight to prevent fatigue when walking the miles of the course. Plus, the rubber sole is thicker at the heel to encourage you to keep going.

Thicker heels are a notable feature on golf shoes since the thicker the heel, the more shock absorbency there should be. The fact that these shoes’ soles are rubber should help with this, too, as the material tends to be forgiving. The impact of your feet on the ground shouldn’t bounce back and cause any pain.

However, the soles are very flat, so you may want to consider some insoles to add extra arch support. This Superfeet insoles review might reveal some suitable insoles to help you out.

Also, the colorful Superfeet insoles might add some variety to these muted shoes, which come in shades of gray, black and white, with various subtle patterns.

Sizing is a little more varied as they come in 5.5–11 in half-size increments up to 9.5.

These are the golf shoes best for wide feet on this list since they feature so many wide options across the sizing.



  • Excellent lightweight padding.
  • Wide-fitting options.
  • Fits very true to size.
  • Wonderful for walking in.
  • Arch support could be improved.
  • Users found them to be stiff.

Adidas’ men’s Adipower 4orged S is a midground between traditional and modern athletic golf shoes. The four color options have that shiny, hard leather look, but they’re covered in holes for breathability with a fabric-like textile.

Despite resembling leather, the upper isn’t fully made of the tough material—it contains forged microfiber leather, textile and a thin TPU film. The textile is mainly around the tongue and heel of the shoe, with the classic-looking material around the front.

The only thing that makes the fronts of the shoes look less traditional is the breathable holes. However, the holes don’t make the shoes a liability for water damage. They remain water-repellent, although it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to submerge them during cleaning. They’re fit for a rainy day and wet grass, but that’s all.

Wet grass shouldn’t have much of an impact on them anyway, as the thick rubber sole sets you well above it. This sole is wide, hard and steady to keep you safe on all surfaces.

Note that this is a spineless pair with a protruding tread pattern for traction, which is strategically placed for optimum grip on the ground.

The cushioning is also perfectly placed, lining almost the entire inside of the shoe, although the tongue and heel areas aren’t particularly padded compared to the last five pairs.

The good news is that this model comes in an array of sizes, 7–15. They have half-size increments up to 12.5 and wide options for all.



  • Highly breathable.
  • Very steady.
  • Wide sole.
  • Durable upper.
  • Sharp tongue may cut into your ankle.
  • Toe box is narrow compared to other shoes.


This FootJoy pair stands out immediately thanks to the clash of classic and athletic. However, the soles make an individual statement, too—they feature an unusual design for traction, with large, round, sucker-like protruding areas.

Both the soles and the uppers are synthetic, with the rubber-like outsole made to be durable, protective and flexible.

It’s also waterproof, as is the highly supportive sole, but the downside is there’s not much breathability, apart from around the cushy collar.

In contrast to the cushioned collar, the heel is solid to support the back of the foot. The sides are also made of a harder synthetic material for support, so there shouldn’t be any strained muscles or a poor fit with this pair.

The inside should also help with keeping your foot supported. The cushioning is EVA foam, covering most of the midsole, including around the short tongue and heel.

In terms of color options, they’re subdued enough to not draw attention but pleasant enough to be fashionable in shades of black and white or tan and white.

All colors come in sizes 5.5–11 with half-size increments up to 9.5. Each size has a wide option, but there’s a narrow option in a 9.5.



  • Somewhat classic look.
  • Sealed tightly against moisture.
  • Great traction.
  • Supports the heel well.
  • Not very breathable.
  • Sole looks strange.

This pair of Puma golf shoes is a lot like the previous, but the sole is slightly narrower, so you have less of that chunky base to keep you stable. In place of that, it has a grippy rubber sole and a more protruding tread pattern.

Besides these key stability upgrades, the basics are almost the same.

For instance, the uppers are made of a meshy textile on the toe area and a thicker fabric elsewhere.

The Fusion does lack the extra heel support that the Ignite offers, but this might make them more comfortable.

The extra foam will also add to this comfort, filling the entire midsole, including the tongue. Not only does this keep your feet cozy and pain-free, but the extra substance can help with stability. It does this by holding your feet in, preventing them from slipping on your follow-through.

They’re available in sizes 7–14 with half sizes up to 11.5, with current color options being:

  • Gray/violet.
  • Navy.
  • Black.
  • Light gray/yellow-lime.



  • Ample cushioning.
  • Decent traction.
  • Semi high-rise.
  • Breathable toe box and heel.
  • Internal seam can be irritating.
  • Unsuitable for wide feet.


These Skechers golf shoes look almost nothing like any others on this list. They’re not quite classic and not quite athletic, but almost look like fashion sneakers.

Note that breathability is minimal on the tough uppers, but there’s a section of breathable holes on some of the color options.

However, the thick-cushioned midsole should soak up any sweat. Just be sure you clean the shoes well and air them frequently.

This cushioning covers the entire interior of the shoe, including the tongue and collar, contrasting the hard, protective outsole well.

Both the interior and exterior are made of high-quality materials—the uppers are leather and synthetic, while the even sole is rubber, and the padding is made of foam. Combined, these elements ensure the shoes are lightweight.

However, being light may be a downside with this pair. The soles don’t feature much of a tread pattern, so be careful on slippery grass. They’re also spikeless, but nubs protrude from heel to toe, which is better than nothing.

Color-wise, you have:

  • Navy/pink.
  • Pewter.
  • White/silver.
  • Rose gold.
  • Silver.

The shoes come in sizes 5.5–11 and are sold in half-size increments up to 8.5.



  • Flashy colors.
  • Grippy nubs.
  • Tough upper.
  • Satisfactory padding.
  • Need better arch support.
  • Breathability could be improved.

New Balance’s second option on this list is also very bulky, with the sole being particularly large. But, the sole being thick and synthetic with soft spikes helps you stay steady on the course.

Unlike the sole, the upper is leather, which is great for being waterproof and durable but not so much for breathability. There’s some mesh-like material around the collar, though, which should help some with that.

The cushioning should also help where the breathable area doesn’t. The padding is responsive, covering the entire midsole with a particularly padded tongue.

The outsole also has some responsiveness since it’s specifically designed to move with your foot, which is great for golf. Something flexible enough to copy both the large and small movements when swinging is excellent.

Despite this, the shoes are also firm, with the sole material coming up at the back for extra stability in the heels. This is most obvious visually on the white/gray versions.

The color options are:

  • Black/red.
  • Gray/blue.
  • White/gray.

Sizing is 8–16, with half sizes to 11.5. Also, there are wide and extra-wide options for each shoe.



  • Thick sole for support.
  • Durable.
  • Decent stability in the heel.
  • Classic look.
  • Despite supposedly being durable, customers report their feet getting soaked.
  • Insole could be comfier.

stand on the grace




Many golf shoes sport spikes on the bottom, used for gaining better traction. These spikes were initially metal and could sink into the course, even on slippery grass. However, they damaged almost every surface the golfers set foot on.

These spikes were banned not long after soft spikes came out in 1993. Metal spikes are a rare find now, and wearing them can get you banned from your local course or club.

The only exception is on the PGA tour and some other major championships. Some old pros still like to wear metal spikes, so rules get bent to make the elite—like Tiger Woods, for example—comfortable.


Pros typically wear limited edition golf shoes. For example, Tiger Woods wears special edition Nike TW20s.

However, Adam Scott is a fan of FootJoy shoes. We have a pair of FootJoys on this list—FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection Golf Shoes.


If you don’t have access to golf shoes, a pair of high-quality running shoes or tennis shoes will work. Like the best golf shoes, they need to be comfortable, durable and have excellent traction.

You should never wear your basic street sneakers or any form of boots or sandals. If you play soccer, consider wearing soccer cleats.


No, you can’t wear jeans to golf. Golf courses tend to be fussier about your body attire than your footwear.

Most golfers will wear colored capri pants, slacks or khakis, with inconspicuous black workout pants in an emergency. But the PGA forbids blue jeans on the golf course, along with:

  • Jogging shorts.
  • Cut-offs.
  • Cargo shorts.
  • Denim shorts.
  • Tennis shorts.
  • T-shirts.



There’s nothing simple about choosing a pair of golf shoes best-suited to you. The best golf shoe is high-quality, with equally high variability.

All 11 of these shoes cover the key areas well, with flexibility, stability and comfort in mind. Some of them can even take you off the golf course and into your other athletic endeavors.

We hope you enjoyed this thorough roundup on the best golf shoes on the market. Please let us know your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this guide with family and friends.

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