The 6 Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis Reviewed 2023

Your Achilles tendons are subjected to the whole weight of your body with every step you take. Without the Achilles tendon, you wouldn’t be able to walk, run, jump, or even stand.

Join us as we take a look at the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis, which can ease the pain you suffer from an inflamed Achilles tendon. Can a pair of walking shoes really help?


Here are the top picks of the best walking shoes for achilles tendonitis

Although a good pair of walking shoes won’t cure your Achilles tendonitis, they can significantly add to your comfort and prevent aggravating the condition. Below we list the six best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis we intend to look at in more detail in this guide.

1. Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker

Available for both men and women, the Skechers Shape Up range of shoes use plush memory foam and an efficient rocker-bottom outer sole. The design of the Skechers make you both stand and walk more erect for help with your posture and alleviating the pain of Achilles tendonitis.


2. Clarks Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoes

If your job involves a lot of standing or walking, these elegant yet comfortable shoes from Clarks are bound to impress. A foam cushion around the heel absorbs all the shocks and reduces pressure on that painful Achilles tendon region.

Clarks Men's Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoe,Brown Leather,14 M US
  • Breathable leather upper
  • Flexible sole
  • Classic whip stitched moccasin upper
  • Natural last shape for walking comfort
  • Available in many widths for secure, comfortable fit


3. Dr. Comfort Vigor Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Hiking Boot

For outdoor walking or a hiking trip, Dr. Comfort Vigor hiking boots will provide you with all the support, comfort, and protection your Achilles tendon needs. A therapeutic shoe, it uses gel inserts for more comfort and support.

Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot: Chestnut 8 Medium (A-B) Lace
  • WOMEN’S WORK/HIKING BOOT - A leather hiking boot that’s casual and stylish for work, and rugged enough for outdoor adventures.
  • CONTACT CLOSURE AND NO-TIE ELASTIC LACE - Adjustable contact closure allows for easy adjustability and personalized comfort.
  • LEATHER UPPERS - Natural material to help regulate heat and keep feet cool and dry.
  • PROTECTIVE TOE BOX - Protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing.
  • TOP-QUALITY SHOE - Use of top-quality materials and construction helps prevent wear and tear.


4. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Saucony makes some of the best walking shoes for both men and women. The addition of a Heel ProGrid system in the Omni Walker absorbs shock and impact for more comfort and protection from your Achilles tendon. The Progrid insole offers a responsive compound to your forefoot too to optimize cushioning for your entire step.

Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe, Black, 10
1,299 Reviews
Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe, Black, 10
  • Compression EVA misole with a higher durometer to slow the rate of pronation
  • Engineered Asymmetrical Sole for a bio-mechanical fit
  • Walk Trac patented outsole design for a smooth transition


5. Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction walking shoes are great all-purpose shoes for wearing almost any weather conditions due to their real leather construction. The generously padded tongue and collar of these shoes are going to feel great against your ankle with a nice Achilles notch to keep your ankle and Achilles tendon secure.

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - Black - 4E - 9.5
3,834 Reviews
Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - Black - 4E - 9.5
  • SHOE SIZE: "D" = Medium width, "EE" = Wide width, "B" = Narrow width, "EEEE" = Extra wide width
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar strategically supports your arch to guide and keep your body in its natural path of motion.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT, SECURE FIT: The forefoot MC Pod construction and an innovative outsole sets your foot in an efficient, balanced, and stable position.
  • SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA adapts to your stride, weight and speed, to make every step comfortable.
  • LONG-LASTING: Both comfortable and durable, this shoe with a full-grain leather upper will be a staple to your wardrobe.


6. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Complete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

These incredibly lightweight cushioned walking shoes feature a low heel to toe drop which places your foot in a more natural position, reducing wear and tear on your Achilles tendon. A low-cushioned rear collar further reduces irritation of the Achilles tendon with less rubbing.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe,White/Black,8.5 M US
  • Lightweight walking shoe featuring zigzag stitching at sides and reflective streak logo
  • Two-piece midsole with Resalyte foam and energizing Go Pillars
  • Full-length goga mat energy-return insole
  • Soft fabric lining



Whether you are currently suffering from Achilles tendonitis or just want to prevent it from flaring up again, the six shoes below can help when walking. If you have ever experienced the pain of a ruptured Achilles tendon, you will know just how excruciating the pain can be.

Here, in our opinion, are the six best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis reviewed in more detail.


1. Skechers Sports Mens Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneakers

Skechers are well known for their stylish shoes which offer unbelievable comfort. Available in a choice of men and women’s shapes featuring an attractive two-tone design, they are constructed from breathable leather with a mesh upper.



Highly recommended for people who have Achilles tendon injuries, these shoes can help ease the burden on your muscles and tendons. The shoe design shifts your weight to the midsole and therefore relieves much of the pain at the back of your feet and your Achilles tendons.

A “Kinetic Wedge” soft foam runs down the middle of the sole from the heel to the front of the shoes so a rolling effect is transferred away from the heel. Memory foam holds the foot tightly and prevents loose movements with it adapting to your foot shape over time.

For overweight people, an OSHA compliant slip resistant outsole can carry them all day more safely. The Shape Ups XT design was created to encourage you to stand up more straight, which not only reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon but can also help with lower back and knee pain.


  • Memory foam insole gets more comfortable the more you wear it.
  • Helps with posture.
  • Great stability and arch support.
  • A padded tongue and collar.
  • Great for long walks.
  • Colors make them suitable for wearing at work.


  • Skechers tend to run wider than many other shoes.
  • The soles can be too big for some users looking for running shoes too.
  • Imported and can be more expensive than many other casual walking shoes.
Skechers make some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. With its comfortable memory foam support for both the heel and arch of the feet, this is a shoe that can help you forget about that Achilles tendon pain. Great for wearing at work or taking long walks.


2. Clarks Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoes

When you need a walking shoe that is also classy enough for social occasions, this men’s shoe from well-known manufacturer Clarks could be ideal.



Elegant shoes tend to be narrow which can cause more pain to your Achilles tendon, but these Portland 2 walking shoes combine comfort with elegance.

Made with leather and featuring a slip-resistant rubber sole, these shoes are durable and will provide enough traction or stability for almost any surface. A lace-up design ensures a good fit with a good level of breathability to prevent any potential smells or fungus.

The foam cushion around the heel is what makes these great walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis. This thick cushioning absorbs all the shocks you may encounter and reduces the pressure to your tendon area. Removable OrthoLite footbeds cushion and support both the toes and heels all day too.


  • A classic design—smart enough to wear to work or any other social functions.
  • Water resistant.
  • Heel and toe support.
  • Foam cushion around the heel significantly reduces the pain of Achilles tendonitis.
  • Lace up for a secure fit and less chance of rubbing any inflamed areas at the back of the foot.


  • Only a men’s shoe with no ladies design or sizes available.
  • Too heavy and clunky for other physical activities.
  • Sizes run small.
The Portland 2 Tie from Clarks offers great value with a classic design using high quality and extremely durable material. Patented OrthoLite footbeds and a padded foam cushion around the heel protect your Achilles tendon from potential shocks and reduce the pressure as you walk. Elegant enough to wear out, yet sturdy enough as a pair of walking shoes.


3. Dr. Comfort Vigor Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Hiking Boot

Going for a hike or walk in more extreme terrains may seem too painful and challenging when you suffer from Achilles tendonitis. The top of this therapeutic hiking boot from Dr. Comfort has a Velcro strap for added support while adding compression for limiting swelling and inflammation.



A leather upper features padded lining which is seamless to prevent chafing or irritation of your condition. What we particularly like is the gel inserts you can add to the shoe for more support and comfort. You can also get this boot in a men’s design and wider widths if needed.

Lightweight with a refined style, they are not as clunky as some other walking boots you may have previously tried for extra support. A soft leather upper has unique elastic no-tie laces which keeps the boot firmly in place to prevent your foot moving around. Just don’t try wearing them to work on construction sites—they won’t last very long.


  • Great for more adventurous walking or hiking.
  • Durable and weather resistant.
  • Velcro strap serves as a compression for the Achilles tendon area.
  • Padded lining with gel inserts for more comfort.
  • Wider sizes are available.
  • Lightweight and a trendy style.
  • Unique elastic lacing system.


  • People with a high instep may feel pressured by the elastic laces which close the shoe tightly.
  • Not for running or other physical exercises.
Dr. Comfort’s therapeutic shoes and boots range can help with many health conditions including diabetic neuropathy as well as Achilles tendonitis. If you enjoy the outdoor life and hiking at the weekend, don’t let your Achilles tendonitis stop you, with the unique compression strap helping to relieve inflammation as you walk.


4. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

A visible rear foot Grid System is what makes these walking shoes so good for people suffering from Achilles tendonitis. The Omni Grid consists of a woven grid of Hytrel (a strong and durable thermoplastic) for superior cushioning and support centering around your heel during impact.



A strong EVA rubber compound makes up the sole to provide cushioning through every stage of the gait cycle. There’s also a support bridge mid-foot and a forefoot rebound zone for extra shock absorption—the last thing you want with a sore Achilles tendon is sudden shocks to the feet.

Featuring a soft full grain leather upper, these walking shoes are going to be easy to clean and maintain. The soft upper provides great support and flexibility with a removable sock liner which is contoured and has a heel cup for added stability. An Achilles notch at the rear of the shoe offers enhanced mobility and yet more comfort.


  • Available in both men’s and women’s models with extra-width sizes also available.
  • The best heel cushioning for support.
  • High-quality full-grain leather used on the upper for more flexibility.
  • The engineered asymmetrical sole gives a biomechanical fit.
  • Patented outsole design with visible rear grid offers a smooth transition and more stability.
  • Great for people with flat or wider feet.


  • Not as durable as some other leather walking shoes and can feel flimsy over time.
  • These shoes are not recommended for people with high arches.
  • EVA rubber soles and grid system can make some strange sounds when walking indoors.
These Saucony walking shoes can be a great choice for both men and women walkers with Achilles problems. They offer a high quality and affordable choice which is both comfortable and supportive to avoid further injuries. Although the support system won’t be too good for those with high arches, they will do a wonderful job for people with flat and wide feet.


5. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker walking shoes have been designed for both men and women, with a full grain leather construction for use in almost any weather conditions.



The soft leather upper is durable and features a padded tongue and collar which is going to feel great around your ankle. An Achilles notch at the rear of the shoe keeps your ankle and Achilles tendon secure, while the lace-up design ensures your foot is tightly enclosed.

Where this shoe really stands out is the motion control quality offered by the progressive diagonal rollbar, or PDRB, it uses on the instep. If your foot is going from the outside and tries to roll inwards too much, the Rollbar technology helps to correct and reduce overpronation for more support.

Hydro Flow technology runs the entire length of the sole to absorb more shock with every step, with cushioning in the heel and forefoot for less fatigue. It also boasts a roomy toe box which can be a good thing for people who suffer from painful conditions like bunions and Achilles tendonitis.


  • A versatile shoe that can meet the demands of many different foot conditions.
  • The full grain leather construction is weatherproof and durable enough to handle daily wear-and-tear.
  • Roll Bar and Hydro Flow technology absorb shock for all-day comfort.
  • Textile lining features a padded tongue and collar for less irritation and rubbing on the ankle.
  • Achilles notch to keep the ankle and Achilles tendon secure.
  • Non-slip for more safety and protection.


  • Sizing can run rather small.
  • Narrow and not suitable for wider feet.
The Brooks Addiction Walker is a durable shoe with features that can help with the pain or prevent many conditions, including Achilles tendonitis. We particularly like the Diagonal Roll Bar technology, which corrects any overpronation and reduces the risk of stress or instability injuries.


6. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Complete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

We finish by looking at another pair of incredibly lightweight walking shoes from Sketchers.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe,White/Black,8.5 M US
  • Lightweight walking shoe featuring zigzag stitching at sides and reflective streak logo
  • Two-piece midsole with Resalyte foam and energizing Go Pillars
  • Full-length goga mat energy-return insole
  • Soft fabric lining

The Go Walk 3 shoes are available for both men and women, offering one of the most plush and cushioned rides of any walking shoes on the market.

The low heel to toe drop of the Go Walk 3 is what makes these some of the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis. Your foot is placed in a more natural position which reduces the wear and tear on your Achilles tendons. A low cushion on the rear collar further reduces any irritation with less rubbing.

The outsole of this shoe uses a lightweight Resalyte compound which offers an excellent impact absorption on every step. A Goga mat technology is featured to allow the foot to sink further into the shoe with a two-piece midsole and energy pillars. Memory foam inners provide the ultimate in cushioning which adapts to your feet.


  • Lightweight and comfortable—you will feel like you are wearing slippers.
  • Supportive with lightweight yet shock absorbing outer sole and Goga mat technology for a better rebound.
  • Cushioned rear collar for less rubbing on the ankle or Achilles tendon region.
  • Low heel to toe drop keeps the foot in a more natural position.
  • Memory foam liners for added comfort, which gets better as you wear the shoe more.
  • Attractive design with reflective streak logo for late night walking.


  • Not weather resistant, with no waterproofing on the top fabric.
  • Sizing seems to be inconsistent.
  • Memory foam can flatten out pretty quickly if worn for longer periods of time.
The Skechers Go Walk 3 offers yet another lightweight walking shoe with memory foam inners for the most comfortable walk. A shock absorbing outer sole with Goga mat technology ensures you get the perfect rebound, ideal for those wishing to avoid more pain in the Achilles tendon.


What Is Achilles Tendonitis?

If you suffer from Achilles tendonitis, we don’t have to tell you how painful and debilitating it can be. Whether you have just been diagnosed by your doctor, or you have had it for years, finding the best walking shoes can be a challenge. But what exactly is Achilles tendonitis, and how has it happened to you?

According to health experts at the Mayo clinic, Achilles tendonitis is an injury which occurs from the overuse of your Achilles tendon. Doh—you probably knew that already, but what if you don’t consider yourself a particularly active, certainly not athletic, person?

Although it is true that Achilles tendonitis tends to be more common in younger, more active people, especially athletes, it can happen at any age or level of activity. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has split tendon injuries into two types of Achilles tendonitis, or tendinopathy to be more precise:

  1. Non-insertional Achilles Tendonitis: Is the most common kind endured by athletes or younger, more active persons. The middle section of your Achilles tendon thickens and swells due to the breakdown of fibers or tiny tears in the tendon.
  2. Insertional Achilles Tendonitis: Is the other kind where the tendon actually attaches to the bone of your foot or heel. In this form of Achilles tendonitis, the bottom portion of the tendon is damaged rather than the middle portion. Bone growths can be a common cause and you don’t even have to be active or play sports.

The following YouTube video from Dr. Ryan Murphy further discusses in more detail the different forms of tendon injuries and the potential treatments.


What Causes Achilles Tendonitis?

Some reasons for your Achilles tendon to become injured are:

  • Overuse of the Achilles tendon: Due to bad gait or posture.
  • Moving with bad form: When exercising and stressing the tendon, causing more irritation.
  • Unsupportive conventional footwear: Shoes that prop up the heel too high and cause the calf muscle and Achilles tendon to shorten out can be damaging. When the tendon is asked to work beyond the shortened range, it can tear and cause severe pain.
  • Wearing high heels.
  • Moving to zero drop shoes: Doing this too quickly can cause injury.
  • Tight calf muscles: Many sports like tennis or running can cause athletes to be on their heels, again shortening the calf muscle and tendon. As they strengthen in the shortened position, they become weak and more prone to injury in normal positions.
  • Age: Can cause the structure of the Achilles tendon to weaken.
  • A sudden increase in your running programs: Can increase the risk of Achilles tendonitis too.
  • Psoriasis or high blood pressure: People suffering from these can be more at risk of tendonitis.
  • Flat feet and overpronation.

Sometimes Achilles tendonitis will weaken the tendon so much it requires medical surgery to repair the tear. But in other cases, physiotherapy and changing some of the factors which can make you more prone to a serious injury can help. At the top of that list is choosing the best corrective or comfortable footwear for Achilles tendonitis.


What Type of Shoes to Avoid with Achilles Tendonitis

Before looking at the best shoes for avoiding or treating Achilles tendonitis, there are a few rules you should bear in mind not to choose as shoes or footwear. It’s always best to avoid shoes that don’t offer proper support on the heel as this is where the most damage to your Achilles tendon takes place.

If you intend to perform more strenuous activities, even some heavy walking or hiking counts, don’t choose a shoe with a thin sole. Thinner soles can inflict more pressure on the heels of your feet as you play sports, jog, or walk.

Any shoe that doesn’t offer enough support can deteriorate the condition of your Achilles tendon to a point where you may rupture it requiring surgery—the worst-case scenario.


What to Look Out for When Selecting the Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

By now you’re probably asking yourself, should I even be walking with Achilles tendonitis? Maybe the pain is telling you that you shouldn’t. However, by carefully choosing the correct footwear, there’s no reason Achilles tendonitis should stop you, it could even be good for the condition.

The Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis


It’s All in the Heel!

Try to choose shoes that have been designed for walking rather than running shoes which have been shown to increase the load on your Achilles tendon as you walk. We would rather recommend shoes with a built-up heel to help take the tension off your Achilles tendon as you walk.

If you want your walking shoes to protect your heel better, there’s no better way than those offering more heel cushioning. The proper cushion at your heel can hold your Achilles tendon more secure and absorb impact and shock. Some of the shoes we have looked at even include an Achilles notch which holds the tendon and heel in place.


Ankle Collar

An ankle collar is vitally important if you want to avoid making your Achilles tendonitis worse or preventing it in the first place. The collar of a shoe can allow the foot to move better while avoiding incorrect moves or ankle fractures which come from an incorrect stepping motion.



Look for shoes that provide more support and cushioning on the insole? Some of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis may feature memory foam or gel inserts which can make your walk more comfortable. The best insoles for Achilles tendon injuries will provide proper cushioning and height to the feet from the heel to the arch and toes.


Arch Support

One of the most common causes of Achilles tendonitis is feet with high arches or feet which have flat arches in the middle part of the foot. If the arch is not properly supported, an injury of the Achilles can occur and eventually cause more pain in the tendon itself.

To try and prevent and eventually relieve the pain of Achilles tendonitis, you should choose shoes which cater to the arch type of your foot to add support.


Other Factors to Consider

The sole of any walking shoe should offer enough shock absorption to prevent any further impact to the foot or heel area. The sole should be made of a durable and thick material yet where possible be lightweight to prevent further tension when walking.

If you intend to wear the shoes for longer periods or even for a full day at work, ensure they have enough breathability. A breathable mesh can help keep the foot cool and minimize perspiration, adding to other foot problems.

A padded tongue can prevent the foot from moving about too much and rubbing the Achilles tendon further. Consider the closing system of the shoe—does a slip on really offer enough security or do you need a lace-up design? The best way to wear shoes that help relieve the pain of Achilles tendon is to keep wearing them whenever possible.


The Best Shoes for Walking Comfortably

Why wait until you are actually suffering the pain of Achilles tendonitis?

Choosing the correct shoe for your foot and the type of activity you wish to engage in can be important for many health reasons, not least your foot and tendon health. If you need to choose the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis, you have to choose one which is best for your foot type, that all-important arch, and what you intend to use it for.

Although any of the shoes we have reviewed above can help alleviate the pain of Achilles tendonitis when walking, our favorite has to be the Skechers Shape-Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneakers.

Not only do the Skechers offer more comfort and support in a lightweight yet supportive walking shoes, but they also attempt to correct your posture and gait. The low heel to toe drop encourages your foot to take a more natural position and relieve future pressure on those ever so important Achilles tendons.

And they look pretty cool too! We hope you found our guide to the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis useful, please share if you did.



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